CTT is committed to supporting California Thoroughbred Racing & California’s Thoroughbred Trainers.

Our mission is to:

  • Foster, promote, and otherwise encourage a healthy economic climate and public acceptance of the Thoroughbred horse racing industry, as well as productive, positive relations among its participants
  • Work for the improvement of living and working conditions for the employees of members
  • Provide retirement benefits for those who have devoted a significant portion of their working careers caring for horses at racetracks in the State of California
  • Protect the safety and general welfare of members, their stable personnel and their horses
  • Work with racetrack management to ensure acceptable training and stable area conditions, proper emergency procedures, responsible vanning service, and reasonable stabling schedules
  • Represent the interests and rights of our members in any matters with any industry-related organization on issues involving our members’ interests
  • Represent the interests of members in any matters with any local, state, or federal government and any agency thereof and any racing commission
  • Inform and educate our members and other segments of the industry regarding any matter important to the interests of members and other segments of the industry
  • Foster a better understanding of the industry by the public and by the horse racing community
  • Arrange for publications, seminars and any other activities or services which will achieve such purposes
  • Otherwise assist our members in any matters affecting their interests in the Thoroughbred horse racing industry in the State of California.